I opened my own studio in 1992 in the Italian speaking region of Switzerland, in the beautiful town of Lugano which is situated between the lake and the alps.

From here, we serve clients in different parts of the world.

I love contemporary, clean empty big spaces with lots of light and good art.

I love classical villas following the Palladian architecture.

Palladio, many may know, was the Architect who adapted the classic style to private mansions.

I love mixed styles like Mediterranean, Spanish or more classic together with cool contemporary elements and art.

There are many beautiful homes in so many different styles and that is true also for art, fashion, jewelry and more.








We are usually a team of 5 to 6 architects, plus exterior collaborations. We prepare all the projects and later collaborate continuously with the general contractor and builder of the highest standard. I’ve kept this small because I like to put my personal touch in every detail.

We specialized in the last several years in preparing the renderings ourselves. It is quite rare to do these renderings internally, but it works well for us.

That permits:

To present the client with a very good idea of the finished product.
Clients can ask for changes of materials, etc. and we give them the final images for what they desire and will get. I, myself, know better the final project and am better prepared for the realization of it.

In the recent years we invested lots of our creativity in a new architectural project based on an innovative concept of lifestyle called  ART STREET.
This new concept is based on sharing part of your home or public spaces with the external eye of who passes by. We believe that in certain parts of the world we are ready to share ART and DESIGN in perfectly studied complete streets and neighborhoods, where all is clean and beautiful and technologically reflecting our automated, comfortable era.

Our  Real Estate activity is mainly based on Hi End  properties to improve with our own projects and including few amazing items like a 1000 hectars hunting reserve near Siena in Italy.